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Australia.  She’s a big, wild and sometimes weird place. She has just about everything your adventuring heart could desire from snowy mountain tops to epic waves and ragged trails between for your two legs (or two wheels) to connect the dots.    

The thing you’ll find is that no two places are the same.  Every pit stop offers up a new adventure.  Navigating the big island can be a bit daunting even for the most experienced natives.  
There are certain people along the way that can help you out.  They are not just from a place, they are the place.  They are the lifeblood of their dot on the map.  They know the ins and out and they can take your journey to next level epic if you’ll just stop to say hello.  That’s what our local legends series is about, taking the time to learn a thing or two from the real deals out there.
So whether you’re planning your next journey or need a mid-work day dream, settle in with us for a beer and a chin wag - these locals are legendary.

BRAD, Exmouth Fuel Supplies

With one "G’day", Brad’s the kind of bloke that makes you drop the corporate 9-5 management speak and yarn instead like a true blue ocker. Relax mate, you’re far from that glass tower today.
Brad runs the locals’ petrol station in Exmouth with his mum, dad and brother who started the business 35 years ago.  Not much has changed since then at 26 Nimitz Street, and that’s why this place is so damn great.
The shop has most things you need to keep your adventure mobile running smooth.  Come at the right time, and Brad’s niece might even sort you out a cut lunch for your day on the water.
Sure, you can get petrol here, but that’s only the start of it.  You see, Brad moved to Exmouth around 50 years ago when his dad Bruce was helping to set the place up as foreman to the Shire.  He’s been keeping an eye on things since he was a little tacker, watching the place grow (a little) and taking a keen interest in the tales of travellers as they come and go.  
Any day of the year, Brad can tell you how long the wind’s going to hang around, THE place to catch a fish along Exmouth's sprawling coast, or which hardware store isn’t going to rip you off to replace those tent bits you left back home.  Do yourself a favour, swing around to fill up after 5 and you just might get yourself a beer with your tankful, and plans for the next day.

Photography by Sarah Tonkin
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  • Steve

    Your products look great, your idea of a camping blanket ticks all the boxes. I keep 3 wool blankets in the cars, Im in a bushfire prone area and a wool blanket would be the only thing that would protect if your caught for a short time.
    There is a store in Woodend Vic, that only stocks Australian made products ‘Endangered’ it would be a great place to sell your products.
    kind regards Steve

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