Ghost Endorsed: Camping Essentials

Jonesing to get outside but feel more comfortable at a backyard bbq than in the outback?  Yeah, we all start somewhere, but the truth is, you only need a few key pieces to have a great weekend camping.  Below, we've compiled a handy checklist to get you started:
Don't knock it 'till ya try it. Sleeping in a swag is legit. Our fav is the AOS Tracker. If you like the roominess of a tent, we rate the quality and simplicity of the Kelty.
Sleeping bag + Blanket.
It can get chilly at night, especially in the desert. We recommend an extra blanket to wrap up. Our wool army blankets are perfect for this, and double as a picnic rug for the day time.
Cooler / Eskie.
Undercover Cool Bag by Ghost Outdoors. Minimalist design keeps ice for 48 hrs
If you’re headed for an overnighter, the Ghost Outdoors Cool Bag is perfect. Keep your food and beers chill for 48 hrs. Headed out for a few days? We recommend the Yeti Tundra
Fire / Stove.
Campfire food. Baked beans in the outback.
Check the fire ban dates where you're going, most of them start around the beginning of November and can last through March but this doesn't mean you have to miss out on a tasty meal.  We recommend a packable stove and fireproof ground cover.  Check out the stick powered Biolite which can also give your phone a charge or a foldable version like this one from our mates over at Homecamp.
A way to make coffee, good coffee.
Coffee in a hammock camping. Flannel, Birkenstocks and ripped jeans.
Sure, you can throw some instant granules over boiling water but why skip out on one of life's greatest pleasures?  We're into the Aeropress, a pour-over, or, if you're feeling flash, check out WACACO.
You know, because it gets dark out there.  Opt for a lightweight, long lasted LED version.  Our range from VSSL works double-duty by housing supplies and first aid kit in the hollow aluminium body.
No one wants to sizzle like a sausage. Check out our range of super lightweight, quick dry and collapsable hats that keep you shaded and cool.


Fit the rest of your stuff in a trunk so you're ready to grab and go next time the mood strikes you. This footlocker from Best Made is on our wish list, but a plastic one from Bunnings will also do the trick. Fill it up with the following:
  • Cooking Gear - a big pot, fry pan, kettle, mixing spoon, tongs, old cutlery and plates
  • Rubbish Bags - Leave the site as you found it.  Throw a roll of bin liners in with your gear to pack out any waste you may have created and collect any additional bits you might have found from the grub that was there before you.
  • Dust Pan and Brush
  • Toilet Paper
  • Long matches

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