Seeing Green

In today's blog we speak to Elizabeth Davis, architect and Ghost Outdoors designer  about the inspiration behind Cabin Fever, our super soft wool blanket. 

Tell us about your inspiration for this piece: 

Though we often think of dusty red dirt covering the entirety of Australia, we also have some magic, lush hillsides to get lost in. This design references our greener landscapes.

We selected a deep, vintage green for a classic, old school army blanket vibe, updated with contemporary shocks of cobalt blue and heathered grey. The stripes harken a time when these bands were used to symbolise the weight of the wool for trading purposes. 

What "mood" does green evoke for you? 

There's something comforting about the deep green, I can't help but picture it on timeless vintage pieces put to good work over the years. At the same time, it's an adventure colour, trail ready and vast as the hillside it represents.

We're noticing a common desire to turn from artificial environments and blue light to return to more organic colours and forms.  We're filling our spaces with green house plants because they make us feel better (it's science!). We'd like to think a snuggle under the Cabin Fever has similar feel-good properties.

How is green being used in interiors now? What tips do you have?

It's about bringing the outside in, the cosiness and sense of exploration that comes with being outdoors.

It's popular in lush textures such as velvet and wool while the brave are going bold with floor to ceiling wall coverings.

It looks great paired with weathered cognac leather and blues and is a confident way to update neutral bases. Though, the freshest way to embrace the colour is to layer up, big time. Don't worry about hues, just throw the kelly on top of forest next to sage with a sprinkling of emerald. The home of artist and former interior art director Liza Giles (below) is a great example.

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