Merino: the Beyonce of Wools

Wool. It’s a sheep's fur.  And Merino Wool is the Beyonce of all wools. 

We made our Army Blankets with 100% Merino Wool because we wanted to make something that had a smooth, luxury feel with the durability of a hardcore army blanket.

The Merino is a breed of sheep originally from Spain but perfected in the Australian Outback since 1797. The animal survives in extreme conditions, making it’s fur breathable in summer and insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight.

At this stage, Australia exports about 88% of the world's merino wool.  That’s a lot of sheep!  Approximately 70 million, in fact, or about 3 of this guy:

Merino’s secret is in its exceptionally fine fibres which make it the softest wool on earth. Unlike other wools, the fibres bend far more while maintaining their shape, making it resilient, versatile and luxurious.

Top 5 reasons we use 100% merino

  • Toasty
  • Breathable, not sweaty
  • Camp fire retardant
  • Durable for a long time
  • Highly stink resistant
And because Merino wool is made out of keratin, it's completely biodegradable. So once you’re done with it, it goes back into the earth from whence it came. 

Get on board this magic with our Ultimate Wool Army Blanket
Images: 1- Collage by Ghost Outdoors; 2 - 'Fred', 2015 Global Campaign for Wool via SDP Media; 3 - AP via 

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