Howdy Real World

UPDATE:  It's not a pop-up if you linger around like a bad smell.  Check out our stockists for updated in-store locations. 

We’ve gone and done it.  We’ve plucked ourselves from the world wide web and placed two Ghosty feet firmly on terra firma.  
Welcome to Howdy Coffee, home of Ghost Outdoors' first brick and mortar store front.  
We created a simple pop-up earlier this month to give you a chance to check out the amazing feel and function of our products first hand.  
We’re in good company at Howdy, alongside fellow locals Lana and Diggs, who create a flash line of dog collars and leads, and florist-slash-interior-greenery-guru The Wildflower Perth.  Up next: we hear there’s a gallery show in the works featuring Dion Robeson’s photography.  

The best bit?  Our hosts, Howdy Coffee.  Come check us out while enjoying seriously good coffee or home brewed Kombucha fresh from the tap with a side of Mary Street Bakery’s best treats.


Howdy Coffee

Open 7am - 2pm, 365 days 

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