Design Notes: Tattoo Artist Emma Commander on her art, adventures and the new Bandana range.

You know that feeling, on a very rare occasion, when you meet someone and are instantly enamoured with their oh so cool, effortless vibe?  Yeah, that's what it's like to meet Emma Commander.  She's a badass tattoo artist based in Perth, Western Australia where she creates unique, original designs.  She's also a serious escape artist with some epic adventures under her belt.  Given that combo, we were stoked to team up with her on our first bandana range.  Interested in what inspires this legend and what led to our bandana range?  Read on....

What drew you into becoming a tattoo artist and who trusted your first attempts?
Ever since I was a kid all I wanted to do was draw. I’ve always loved drawing and art. When I felt at a bit of a loss as to what I wanted to ‘be when I grew up’ an opportunity for a tattoo apprenticeship presented itself and I haven’t looked back. I get to do something I love every day and make people happy in the process, I feel very lucky to have found tattooing as a career. 

My first 2 tattoos were on myself, no better way to learn than being thrown straight in the deep end! My first customer was my very obliging boyfriend at the time, followed by friends. I’m so grateful to everyone that supported me in the early years and helped me get started.

What was your first tattoo? What’s next?
I got my first tattoo 10 years ago, it’s a fine rope design with an infinity knot around my wrist. Not sure what my reasoning was at the time, but I still love it! Since that one I’ve moved on to bigger and bolder designs, but lately I’ve been loving and focusing on finer more minimal work. I’d love to get some more of that style done next. 


How do you escape?
I find it hard to switch my brain off, so escaping into nature every now and then is very important for me. Getting out of the city for the weekend, breathing the fresh air and looking at the stars is one of my favourite things. I love south Western Australia and try to get down south often. But there is so much to explore in the world and I love to see and do new things, so I try and escape somewhere new as often as possible too! 

You’ve gone on some epic trips, what’s the most memorable?
That’s too hard! They are all memorable for very different reasons! 

But I’d have to say my time in Southern Africa would probably top the list. We experienced so much, from seeing the big 5 on safari, abseiling down waterfalls and table mountain and swimming with great whites to amazing food and wine and being part of an incredible wedding for our friends. 


Inspo for the bandanas?
I wanted them to be fun, playful and not take themselves too seriously. Ghost has such a cool aesthetic, the ‘effortless cool’ ‘edgy but easy’ vibe I get from the brand was part of my inspiration. As well as the idea of exploring and adventure, particularly exploring Australia. 


Your top 3 ways to use a bandana?

  1. Wiping away sweat during an epic hike.

  2. Keeping your hair out of your face while your trying to set up a tent.

  3. Purely as an ultra stylish accessory, around your neck paired with a white shirt and jeans


Your work is incredible!  How do we lock in an appointment with you? Do you sell prints of any of your work?
Thank you! You can get in touch with me through direct message on my instagram accounts @finelinetattoosperth and @em_commander_tattoos

I’m always open to commissions of artwork, I would love to do more drawing on paper (not just skin) and sell some originals and prints! 

I have a few limited edition prints left of an art work I did last year that still need to go to a good home so get in touch if your interested. 

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